Things that made me smile

Things that made me smile today:

- Heavy rain in the morning

- Watching S play with the dog I'm sitting

-Rubbing C's back and scratching his head while he plays Guild Wars

-Watching C's animated description of the greatsword he wants, and the capabilities it possesses

-Text message from D thanking me for her thank you card and informing me that our picture will be framed and put on display in the living room

-Having all of my wedding thank you cards sent out

-Walking into our bedroom and smelling our peculiar "Cassandra and C" scent

-Cloudy day

-Kira (the dog) sneezing

-Facebook interactions with friends

-Talking with my mom on the phone (for an hour!)

-C's agreement to a tentative "visiting Id" plan

-Having pain killers to take

-M's hijacking my hospital trip

-Being able to wear my collar necklace today

-Sitting on a toilet brush (smiling at my stupidity, after I screamed and then laughed)

-Knowing that my husband will be home soon

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