Pain, pain, go away!

I'm back! It's been... painful. I would say interesting, but mostly just painful.

I spent the morning and afternoon after my ER visit sleeping off the drugs they gave me the night before, but once those wore off I was in pretty bad shape. Still in pain. Still twitching. I went to bed after loading up on the pain meds I had, even though they weren't effective, and managed to drop off to sleep.

At 4 a.m., I awoke from pain and could not fall back asleep. A few hours later and many, many pain pills later, it was so bad that I was crying helplessly on the couch. At the encouragement of my mom, I called the rheumatologist's office in tears, explaining about the ER visit and my ineffective meds (I'd taken 5 Tramadol and 2 Tylenol 3's in a 4 hour span, with no results). They said the doctor would call me back within that day, and that was that. I took the migraine meds and the Benadryl that was supposed to knock me out, but to no avail. I was just kinda sleepy, that's it. Drat.

E saved the day by coming by with a few of her pain pills she has for her RA. They're taking her off, so she's only got a few left, but she spared some for me because she knew how badly I was doing. That was what got me through the day, and I am so grateful.

M came over to "babysit" (a term he hates, heh). He basically just hung out on the couch and watched movies with me and let me sleep. Oh, and he bought me sushi and cookies because I asked him to. Seriously. Can you even pay someone to be that great? I don't think so. It was nice knowing that there was someone around in case I took a real bad turn for the worse, although it didn't feel as though I could get any worse! The day before, other M ran me to acupuncture and back, because I was not in good enough shape to drive myself. Basically, I have great friends. Also, D and E stopped by for a brief visit yesterday afternoon, which was nice. I do get to feeling kind of isolated here in the house, so it was good to see some "different" faces. (Apparently C asked D if he would swing by and see me sometime, because he knows I can't really get out right now. Sweet guy for thinking of me.)

Today is even more painful than yesterday, if that's possible, but I've got meds now. It's less of an "aching from the inside out" pain like yesterday, and more of a "oh my goodness please don't let anything put the slightest pressure on my skin" kind of pain, with a side of aching from the inside out. They say that the Inuit have 100 different words for snow, because there are so many unique kinds of snow. I didn't realize that pain is the same kind of concept. Pain is not one solid thing. There are so many different types... exquisitely detailed nuances that can mean the difference between bearable and excruciating. It's quite fascinating, really. I just wish I weren't so familiar with the subject matter.

I feel like it's time for a nap. I managed to get a shower and make the bed today, in addition to emptying out yet another box from the dining room. Yay! I accomplished things! I accomplished things this morning, too, but now I've done even more. I don't feel like the day was wasted. So I'm going to curl up, if I can bear it, and watch a movie as I drift off.

Mmmmm... sleep.

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