Mundane updates

Still dealing with IBS flare. It's not as bad as the last one though, no where near it.

C and I had a nice relaxing day together. I hung out in his man cave with him and watched him play Guild Wars while dinking around on my own laptop, then we hit up Home Depot for the materials to put a shelf up in our laundry closet. We got everything we need, so it's just a matter of assembling it all.

The pain patch, according to my research, takes a few days for the dosage to build up in the bloodstream, so I'll be seeing this week if it's effective or not. I am getting in to see a pain specialist next week, as well as a neurologist for the twitchies that are still in effect. I have a feeling that payment plans are going to be our best friend...

As shocking as it may sound, I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I'm just in a more lackadaisical mood, content to drift through my days and enjoy life. I don't know what brought it on or how long it will last, but I don't really care. I'm cool. (Maybe it's a stress response? I couldn't say.)

I wish I had some deep thought or interesting philosophical point to wrap this up with, but, uh... I've got nothin'. Just a rumbly in my tumbly that only the BRATY diet will satisfy.

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