And it's... still snowing.

11 inches is what I measured a scant hour ago. I am officially snowed in. How I am going to get Shenadoah to the mechanic's, I have no idea. Maybe we'll do like we did the other night, where the whole family spent 2 hours digging and winching our Expedition out of the snow. It had started to slide sideways off the driveway, down the steep hill. No bueno!

On the bright side, though... I've learned how to put on chains.

And so far, no one is desiring to buy my car. *sigh* I think what I'm gonna do is park my car at the bottom of the hill, by the mailboxes, and just haul stuff back and forth on a toboggan. Oh, and get winter tires for the roads. I mean, my car can handle this stuff right now, it's just the stupid driveway. And probably other people's stupid driveways. But if I stick to the main roads, I should be fine. Besides, it's only a 20 minute walk. In below freezing temps. And snow. But really, it shouldn't be that bad.

The holiday week was a whirlwind. I'm still trying to corral my digestive tract back into some semblance of order. This last week, our meal times have been kinda wacky, and my body hates that. On the plus side... turkey! It's delicious. And nutritious. I'm finding that, though my body is not used to meat, having it once in a while is actually beneficial for me. I'm still watching closely and experimenting, though.

Haven't heard a peep about the tea party scandal. However, I did talk to my counselor-mentor-friend-person, and she helped me to see the issue from a different perspective than just my hurt feelings, which was awesome. It's hard for me to think outside of myself sometimes. So, I'm glad to be able to see various sides of the situation. One of her suggestions was that I may actually need to (lovingly) confront the unnamed freak-out person about this issue and clear the air. Buuuuuut... I don't WANT to! It would be so much easier to just let it lie. To let the waters ripple themselves out until they are smooth again. Well, we'll see what happens.

Ouch. My digestive tract is acting up again. Time for some soothing herbal tea.

Oh, and as a side note... I had a 2.5 hour conversation with my mom the other day, and it was fantastic! We talked about the past, about G, about lots of other stuff... about current issues and problems... about how the past has affected our presents... it was definitely NOT superficial. I can tell that my visit home is gonna be great. More... real. Less fluff. Less pretending. Less manipulation (on my part). It's gonna be good. I can't wait to just enjoy my family. Oh, yes. Less than a month!

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