So I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm the crazy one in the S family. Not that we're not all a little weird, but I'm the one that dances around, sings silly songs, and busts out the slang words all the time. As a matter of fact, I'm finding that sometimes the fam doesn't even understand what I'm saying!!

And here I thought that I was a well-educated young lady, capable of articulating her thoughts clearly and eloquently... but it turns out that I'm just a slangster. I'm the gangster of the group. That really, really amuses me, since I grew up with the real deal.

I never really realized how "slang" my language was, but up here, they don't say stuff like "jam", "ghetto", "kill it", "bomb", "bomb-diggity", "whazzup", "homie", "dude", "whatevs" (not a standard word, but one I like to throw in for fun), "sick", or a thousand other euphemisms that, apparently, have taken up permanent residence in my vocabulary. (It's funny, because I don't necessarily write that way.)

So, the question is... is it quirky and spunky, or just low class? I guess it's in the ears of the beholder.

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