The Storm Begins

Oh, El Shaddai, what do I do? Your very name means "God the Provider", yet... I'm struggling to wait patiently. I believe with all my heart that you are asking me to stay and study social work, and part of that is that I need some sort of vehicle other than the one I have! I cannot possibly make it up the driveway in winter with Shenandoah (which breaks my heart, because I love that car--it's a reminder of my grandparents). But I'm acting out of faith, not out of a selfish desire to "upgrade" or whatever. It's because I'm trying to follow you! And I've been so confident that you would come through with flying colors.

The snow came once, and I was patient; twice, and I was satisfied to wait. The third time, I held my peace, for I knew that you would do all that was good in your timing. And now? The storm begins, and snow piles against the windows. I don't even know if I can make it out of my driveway, much less back up. Oh Yah, where are your promises? Am I too impatient? Or am I reading you wrong?

Am I supposed to just drive a snowmobile?! 'Cause I will, if you tell me to. My allegiance is yours, you know that. What do you have left to prove? I know you're big. I know you're massive. But I also know that you care about me, the blip on the cosmic radar screen, because you've proved it again and again. Now, El Shaddai... show yourself mighty once more.

I don' t have any time left.

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