Twenty-two years of life
Hearts knit close to mine
Abba, Father
New family
Kitties (especially my son, Juneaux)
Financial help from my dad and grampa
Understanding friends
Lessons learned

I'm thankful for alot. Alot has happened this year. I learned to play classical guitar last night (for two songs, anyway). Even in the midst of this seemingly-simple-but-really-quite-complex maelstrom, I still have so much to be thankful for. I have a vehicle. I have many families. I have even more friends. I have the unwavering, unswerving love of my El Shaddai. I have progress in healing, and hope for the future. I have food on the table (food that I can eat!!) and warm blankets on my bed. I have two kittens who love me unquestioningly and keep me company through the dark nights. I have many clothes, and a closet to put them in. I have the basic necessities of life, and then some comforts besides. I lack for nothing.

Who am I to receive these things? I could just as easily have been born into a homeless family, or a third world country. I don't know why me, but I want to use these things I've been given for the benefit of others.

I want to remember my thankfuls all year round.

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