Three Lights As One

"When I was crossing the English Channel on a dark, starless night, I stood on the deck by the captain and asked him, 'How do you know Holyhead Harbor on so dark a night as this?'

He said, 'You see those three lights? Those three must line up behind each other as one, and when we see them so united we know the exact position of the harbor's mouth.'

When we want to know God's will, there are three things which always concur--the inward impulse, the Word of God, and the trend of circumstances! God in the heart, impelling you forward; God in His book, corroborating whatever He says in the heart; and God in circumstances, which are always indicative of His will. Never start until these three things agree."
--F.B. Meyer

George Muller says there are four parts to ascertaining God's will--
-Surrender self-will
-Study the Bible
-Consider circumstances
-Pray that God will reveal His will

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