12-20: Travel Weary

So here I am, in the terminal of the Spokane airport.

The snow is flurrying around the large glass windows, and it’s fun to watch the teeny little flakes scurry about the skies as they make their inevitable descent.
I’ve been thinking about death a little. I always do, when I’m going to fly anywhere. It just seems so much more likely (even though plane crashes aren’t nearly as prevalent as we tend to think). The awesome thing is, though, that I have peace. I am okay with the thought of dying at this point. My room is neat and clean (including my drawers), all my papers are filed, and my presents have been given. The only regret I would have is Juneaux. Actually, that’s the only hesitation I have with this trip back home. I’m going to be gone for almost a month... and my sweet baby boy is going to be home. Not alone, but lonely for his mama. Well, at least he has Emily and George to keep him cat-company, and the rest of the family to keep him people-company.
I think my plane will be boarding soon, so I’d better wrap this up. (Not like I can post this online yet, anyway.) 
I’m excited. I miss my family. We really fit with each other well, warts and all. :)

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