With friends

We've enjoyed good fellowship. Played football in the snow. Opened Christmas presents, and they gave me a day pack with a water bladder! I frosted M's cake, and decorated it with a Mustang GT. (It was okay. Not as good as I was hoping or intended.) We Journeyed to Bethlehem. E came today, and we played (football) and watched movies with the kids (It's A Wonderful Life).

Tomorrow morning, J and I are going through my searching and fearless moral inventory... and sharing my shortcomings with myself, with someone I trust, and with God. I don't want to do it. I don't want her to know my deep, dark secrets. Ugh. Just the thought of pulling back the curtain and revealing my true, hideous self fills me with trepidation. But, she has assured me of her love, and I must trust that. It will probably help me to understand God better, actually. Realizing that, yeah, he actually knows all this gunk... but still loves me.


I'd still rather avoid it.

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