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You run across some really weird stuff here. I was reading a blog that, at first, seemed slightly normal... but the farther I read, the weirder and more graphic it got. So I stopped. Probably not soon enough. Morbid curiosity, I guess. Blech. It'll take weeks to flush that junk outta my head. I wish I had walked away sooner.

However, it occurs to me... that could so easily have been me. The cynicism. The avoidance. The flings. The dysfunction.

How in the world did I end up so... different? I mean, that was the crowd I ran with. So how is it that I now walk the path of healing, while others smother out the lights of their life with vicious salacity?

Whatever the difference is, I am immensely grateful. I find myself in a state of happiness I've never experienced before. Yeah, it's hard... but it's also worth it. Which makes up for all the pain.

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