12-25: Unreal

Had a dream last night that I married C. Well, actually, I didn’t realize it was C until after it happened. (I know, I know, how ridiculous is that?!) Anyway, I only saw the pre-stuff, and then walked down the aisle. During that time, I was very happy. I don’t remember the wedding itself, so I didn’t know I was marrying him. Then, when I got back to the house-thingy (‘cause I was getting married in the park across the street... almost like a suburban subdivision), Mom fixed me a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, and Mlle C was running around, helping me get the house in order. It was while talking to them that I realized that I had married C. My heart sank. It’s not that I don’t like the guy, but I actually thought to myself, “Oh, man. There go my hopes of marrying a christian guy. And I can’t go and get a boyfriend now. I wonder if it’s too late to get an annulment?” That’s the point when K dropped by to say goodbye, ‘cause she was heading off to college. She was so grown up and beautiful! I started crying, because we were all going our separate ways-- her to college, me married and off to start a life with my husband... sigh. Anyway, I went with her to the bus/car that we had come in, and I collected my Bible and its case, and my “dream, hope, inspire” box. It, sadly, was dented and sagging (just like my dreams for the future, at that point). Then... my alarm went off. :)
Anyway, I’m just really glad that I’m single, that I didn’t marry C, that K hasn’t headed off to college (yet), and that it’s Christmas! (This is the first year that I am really understanding the Christmas season--Jesus’ birth and all that. Why? Because this is the first year that I understand two things: love, and salvation. And that makes all the difference.)

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