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I just haven't had the gumption to get on here and hammer out my problems the wordy way.

Monday-- I was sick. Again. I did some stuff that I can't remember (dishes mostly, I think), but pretty much just wrapped myself up in a blanket and watched Glee with S and D. Turns out I'm hooked. (I'd been avoiding it since Mom and J got hooked-- a fairly easy feat, since I don't watch tv.) But now S's Netflix account has run out, and none of us have the money to renew it, so I guess that's that. Got somewhere between three and five hours of sleep. Yuck.

Tuesday-- Worked for E in the morning, which was good. Group was tough, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I'll be working on revamping our sessions a bit, and cobbling together a legitimate curriculum, which I'm stoked about. L was over and we hung out, but I conked out early, due to the previous night's lack of sleep.

Wednesday-- The day R was allowed to come home again. Haven't heard word yet. Wound up in the emergency room that morning, since the discomfort and random symptoms I'd been experiencing for who knows how long coalesced into a rather serious bladder infection. At least, I assumed it was serious when my urine was bloody. Got that taken care of just in time to jet off to a speaking presentation with E, after which we found out that the HJ got a partly unexpected grant for quite a chunk of change, and do you know what that means?! Not only does it mean we get to open up more groups (hurrah!), but it means that yours truly has a job! And not just any job, oh no. It means that E's going to stick me as the Director of the teen division. A director, y'all! You may kiss my hand now. (As my friend used to say, "Kiss my hand and call me Sensai.") So that means added responsibility, but that also means that I can call a cease-fire on the desperate job hunt.

School starts in two weeks, and I'll have the HJ as my part time job. I'm stoked, because that means that I won't have to divide my attentions between work, school, and volunteering like I thought I would. This means that I can throw way more energy into HJ than I thought I'd be able to. This means that I get to run another teen group in a different location.

That in mind, I was thinking after the meeting (it was a United Way meeting that totally inspired me to give back and get involved and help people) about how I'm getting involved in these various things... but I really came away from that meeting lit up about the possibilities. I've always wanted to make a mark on the world, to change it for the better somehow... to "change the world", as cliche as that sounds. It was on Wednesday, though, that I realized that this is the city I have chosen to make my home, and that I can change this city for the better. I can make a difference. I can literally make Y a better place to live. Do you know how cool that is?! These seemingly random involvements suddenly connected in my mind like a series of dots that paint a picture of a positive impact on my community... by impacting individuals.

So that was cool.

Thursday-- took my first "date" with C and we headed to the beach. We got there around 1-something, spent a few hours walking through a favored (rather touristy) location of mine, and then we headed to the beach for a few hours. C didn't think to bring shorts or sandals for some reason, so he was the only fully clothed person on the beach-- jeans and work boots. It was rather funny, or so I thought. I was able to stretch out on the sand and read (and get a little sunburnt), listen to the waves, and dive headfirst into the water (at C's encouragement). It fed my spirit, truly.

My affirmation from Wednesday's group was, "The most important things in life aren't things."

While I was in the water, I really felt that sink in deeply. Memories kept rushing at me as I walked along the water's edge and bobbed within the waves. The memories were all of happy times I'd spent with family and various groups of people there in that very city, on those very beaches. I realized that the experiences I'm stockpiling, the people I'm connecting and building relationships with, are so much more valuable than anything I could ever buy.

C was a little grumpy, but he got a nap in on the beach and on the drive home, so he picked up after that.

I got home and wanted to sleep, but I wanted to get a few licks in on some HJ stuff I'm doing, and then I wanted to blog... and now look what time it is!

Tomorrow I intend to go apply for food stamps and med care (so I don't have to keep asking R for money!), and I'll be taking the twins door to door.

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