Took the girls to the water park today. Ohmylanta am I tired... but it was fun. Mostly. Those girls can be very willful, and it's hard to corral them when you're utterly pooped, but it worked out okay. Even the boy's group (all two of the boys lol) came out, and while the girls and boys were bickering at first, they reconciled over lunch and hung out together for the final few hours. And the girls adhered very well to the "let's wear one pieces or otherwise cover up our bikinis because we don't want to be hoochies" dress code.

I took yet another step towards freedom from "what other people think of me" when I wore my bathing suit to the water park... without shorts. I was wearing them at first, because I'm highly self-conscious about my legs, but the shorts were chafing when they were wet and I thought, You know what? Forget this! I don't care if some stranger doesn't like the fact that my thighs jiggle when I walk or that I have cellulite, and I want to have fun with the girls. Off with my pants!

It was a very liberating experience. I was far from the most attractive girl there. (Apparently there are a great deal of very, very attractive girls in Yuma. Who knew?) And it didn't really bother me. I wasn't there to be ogled, I was there to have a good time with my little survivors, and that's what I did. It felt good.

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