Max absorption

You know when your brain just hits that "wall" and refuses to learn anything else?

I don't think I've hit it yet, but it's tempting to think so. Today was so busy, tomorrow will be, and... well, the rest of this week. I haven't thought beyond this week. I just know that I'm already weary. It was hard, forcing myself to take a walk, but I did, much to my personal satisfaction. Stretching afterward felt sooooo good! It's become a nightly relaxation habit for me, something to help me drift to sleep easier.

I've got a mildly large A&P test in two days, and tomorrow I type up my first essay for English. We had two chapters to read over the weekend, one of them in the textbook that I hate, so that was hard. On the bright side, Algebra has been easy so far, and I've got my controversial topic for my argument essay-- "Sexual offenders should be eligible for the death penalty".

Ah, school. I'm glad for all the knowledge, and I love learning, but...

I've got people pouring knowledge into me left and right, and I don't feel like I can contain it all, much less do all that's required to obtain this knowledge.

Yes. I'm mildly overwhelmed, but I recognize it and am taking the steps to prevent it from becoming a meltdown.

Gooooood night!

(My family and some friends are just half a state above me, hiking the Grand Canyon. I wish I were there, instead of studying Rogerian vs. Aristotelian argument styles and the Golgi apparatus.)

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  • Jolene | August 29, 2012 at 6:19 AM

    (And we wish you could have come! It was fabulously tiring and rewarding. I'm honestly surprised by how well we all did. All that prep work really did pay off!)

    I can completely understand about your school stuff. I remember being sick one day and still trying to finish a test. It was miserable. And the "every teacher thinks they're the only one teaching me" dilemma was something I struggled with my very first semester. They love piling things on you.

    Anyway, I can't say I've given much encouragement, but I can surely empathize! Keep it up. You'll do well!

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