Want to express.

Don't care enough.


Stressful day.

Tomorrow looms equally stressful.

I want to cry.

I'm homesick.

I want my Mom.

She's horribly depressed, and I don't want to burden her.

I seriously just want to cry right now... and I'm so bad at hiding my emotions, or C is so good at reading me, that if he looks over at me right now he'll know.

I want a mother, a friend, a confidante and a hug...

I'm lonely.

The knowing yet "knowing I won't be believed" is a soul-sucker.

I hate my stupid body. I hate how it betrays me, constantly. I hate how weak it is. I hate my stupid body.

I miss H and the S's and J and J and...

I know tomorrow will be a new day. But tonight I feel hopeless.

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