First day of school

My first day of college was yesterday. I've never been an official college student before. It's... about the same as high school, really... except that I can go to the bathroom without having to ask permission first. That, and there are no bells. Just the sound of minutes quietly slipping by as a permanent backdrop to any and all activity.

I got 100% on my math homework. I'm proud of myself.

Today was a long day, tomorrow looks to be longer. Internet class in the a.m., class at noon, work after class, homework after work, class in the evening, and then sweet, sweet sleep.

I missed my evening class last night (the first night, too!), because I got a phone call that the location had changed. However, when I showed up... there was no one else there. I waited for 20 minutes, and still no one showed. Calling the department today, I found out that I was in the right location, but at the wrong part of the building. Apparently there are two Suites 101? Well, I won't miss class tomorrow, that's for sure. And, hopefully, the teacher will get a kick out of my reason for missing class...

C has been insisting that I set boundaries with work and that I pace myself... and find activities that I enjoy, to unwind. Apparently, I have a hard time doing anything that isn't "accomplishing". He says the closest he can get me to sitting down and doing nothing is reading a book, except that I'm always reading "learning" books and studying.

I'll try. I've been overwhelmed a lot this week already. There's been a great deal of emotional turmoil for me, which I can't write about at present.

Now I need to do dishes and braid S's hair before I hit the hay.

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