Sick Day

Well, guess who made themselves sick with stress?

C's in "I told you so" mode, but I'm insisting that it's not like I worried myself ill. I just plugged along and did what I had to do and it ended up being too much, I guess.

I know part of my grades are dependent upon attendance, but I shot my professors an email explaining that I was ill, but that I would be doing the work at home. I told them I have health problems that can, at times, be more or less debilitating, and that this is one of those times. I called E, and she won't let me work group tonight. I just wanted her to know I wasn't feeling well, in case I took a turn for the worse and wasn't able to come tonight, but she would hear none of it. It's weird how she can take care of others, yet have such a struggle taking care of herself.

So I've been laying in bed, moaning and tossing, feeling like I'm about to throw up... but feeling a little better, now.

I need to type up an essay for English class, and later I may resurrect myself to do dishes. Also, I need to review for tomorrow night's A&P test.

Even on a sick day, there's still stuff to do. Thank goodness I finished my math homework early this morning!

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