School and weddings

I was going to blog last night, but I sliced my finger open, so it wasn't the best idea. It's bandaged up, now, and doesn't hurt so much anymore after a night's rest. C came to my rescue when I shrieked from the kitchen, bearing Bandaids and Neosporin to make it all better. He even wiped off the blood that had unknowingly splattered across my neck.

School is tough, y'all. This whole studying for so many different classes and doing homework is more time consuming that I had previously thought it would be. It's like every professor thinks that they're the only one that gives us anything to do. I know, I know. They want us to learn this stuff. And I will.

Maybe it's just that I haven't been in school in so long... it's hard to get back in the swing of things. I've got school full time, the HJ half time, and planning a wedding. Not to mention that I still like to read and blog... but where do they fit in? Classwork first.

My A&P prof has made it MUCH easier on us, though. He gave us all the slideshows for his lectures, so we can go over those instead of writing fresh notes every time. Some ladies in my class have taken to printing the week's lectures in advance and writing their notes next to the slides, which is a great idea. I would, but I have no printer. I can go over to C's dad's and use his, but it's a little awkward and I haven't yet. I go through the slideshows while I'm washing dishes.

Instead of regular English class (like creative writing or somesuch), I'm taking analytical writing. That's all well and great, and the teacher is a good teacher, but the textbooks are abhorrently verbose and dry dry dry. I, the one who loves to read, have a hard time getting through a single chapter, often tossing it aside in frustration after 5 or 6 pages. And it's hard for me to absorb, so I know I'm going to have to read it at least twice, which I'm absolutely dreading... Oh, well. I'll just do my best.

I have these super high unconscious expectations of my school performance, which manifests itself as panic whenever I feel like I'm threatening those expectations. I've realized that I basically expect myself to have every assignment done perfectly and on time. Is that realistic? Yeah, if this were high school, but it's not. It's college, and the game has changed. I have a much bigger scope of life beyond text work and reading assignments. C and I are still making time for a date every week, which is especially important now that he's back at work and like a ship in the night to me... an amorous ship that keeps waking me up at ridiculous hours of the morning and/or night.

Speaking of my bigger scope of life, we've picked a date for the wedding!! March 30th, 2013. We talked about the wedding for a good hour last night, examining various aspects and tossing around ideas... and I've come to the conclusion (okay, C insistently helped me to the conclusion) that we can't afford to invite all the people I'd like to. I want to send out invites as kind of an acknowledgement of the people's importance in my life and that I care about them (Gifts as a love language, anyone?), but if I invite people, I should expect them to show up. With the budget we're looking at, it's going to be small, very small. Family only, really, with a handful of very close friends. I can't even afford to invite the group ladies. (Really, because you're looking at fifteen, twenty people at minimum with the ladies and the girls and the girls' moms...) So I don't think that we'll be using the big church like I had been thinking... something more like a small chapel would work. And the reception? Scratch the fancy tea party idea that I'd become so fond of. We're going to do a barbecue! (Yes, there will be a grilled tofu and veggies station, in addition to platters of veggies and "strawberry trees". The non-carnivores will not starve, I assure you.) And, rather than doing individual mini cakes like I'd thought would be so cool, I'm probably going to get a "regular" wedding cake (Albertsons! Like Mom did for her wedding, and it was darn good, too.) and make a "special" wedding cake that I and my other allergy friends can have.

Rather than a cake topper, I'm going to print out a Celtic knot on thick card stock and cut out the insides to make a stencil. Then I will use the stencil to sprinkle edible coloring of some sort on the top of the cakes, so I'll have the knot instead of cake toppers. I would ask for the cake makers to do that for me, but I've been to Cake Wrecks too many times for me to even consider asking for something so intricate from them.

The place I wanted to have my reception at is a.) too pricey, and b.) they won't let me bring in my own food. They have to make it for the event. Well, I can tell you right now that it doesn't work that way. I've worked in an industrial kitchen, and I know that I'm allergic to even the spray they use on the pans. No way, Jose. I will NOT get sick at my own reception! So while I'm sad (it's such a beautiful, magical place!), I know that I'll be able to work it out. There's a beautiful park with ramadas that I'll be scoping out today, and I've got one in particular in mind. I figure I can borrow tables and chairs from the SDA church, or even the Episcopal church if the other churches won't let me. I'll find some really nice paper plates and plastic cups, and I'll have to make sure to get a cake server for each cake. It wouldn't be good if the two were to get mixed up!

So, basically, it's not going to be at all what I've been scheming and dreaming about for so many years, simply because that's not where my life is at this point. It'll be cheap, but I know how to make cheap beautiful. I learned that from my mommy while we were in poverty.

Also, to rectify the "I can't invite you to the wedding" situation, I think I'll draw up some really nice announcements after the wedding and send those out. Oh! C had a great idea in regards to photographers! I was bemoaning how expensive wedding photography is, and that's one thing that I'm really set on. I want good pictures. Videography I don't care about so much. I want the pictures to be stellar. So I had the idea of going to the college and asking the photography teacher if he has any promising students that want to earn some money and gain experience (maybe I could even convince him to give extra credit?), but C's idea was to get like 3 or 4 students and pay them $100 each. Then we would have all kinds of pictures, but with different styles and captured from different angles, etc. I think it's a great idea. I hope it works out.

Eeeeee! I'm excited! Almost 7 months, exactly. No, he hasn't proposed yet, but that'll come. I'm not impatient. (Uh, well, about this, anyway...)

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