Cupcakes and random updates

I dreamed about cupcakes last night.

See, when I picked J up for group, I knew that it was going to be her last night, since she's moving to T tomorrow and all. I expected there to be some sort of to-do, so when we pulled in and I saw people frantically running into the meeting room, I thought, "Oh! They're going to surprise J! Sweeeeeeet."

When we got to the door, I held back so that J could go first, since they were going to surprise her. Makes sense, right? So you can imagine my confusion when E, who was holding the door open, insisted that I go first. I walked into the darkened room and the lights flipped on, with everyone shouting, "Surpriiiiiiise!"

It was a surprise wedding shower! Complete with food, gifts, and cupcakes :) It was also a goodbye party for J, so it was bittersweet. I got a pic with all my girls, and the ladies shared marriage advice with me. (Some of it was applicable, some of it wasn't. C and I are a lot healthier than I think they give us credit for... or, should I say, we communicate a lot better than most people think a couple would.)

I watched with envy as J ate her strawberry cupcake loaded with sickly sweet frosting. She has a unique way of eating cupcakes, actually-- she pops the top off, inverts it, and eats it like a sandwich, with the frosting in the middle. It makes perfect sense!

I guess I envied the cupcake-eaters more than I thought, because I dreamed about cupcakes last night, but mine were chocolate. Moist, delicious, springy, just a little warm, and spread with just the right amount of frosting.

Good grief, I miss baked goods.

In other news, we've been doing running around allll morning (and getting the runaround from certain places *cough* Best Buy *cough*), dealing with stuff regarding the loan for our house. Some stuff went down that was completely out of our control, $800,000 dollars mysteriously vanished from the grant funds that we were going to take advantage of, reducing the available funds to $0, we may or may not be able to get into the "new" program they're introducing, and now we're facing the possibility of having to come up with several thousand dollars of our own to pay for closing costs. Fortunately, the money can be "gifts", as there's no way we can come up with that much that quickly (give us a span of time, and we could definitely do it, but 4 weeks?!).

It's not like this is because of bad credit or anything. On the grading sheet, C is a +7, whereas most people who go for the loans are a 0. In other words? He's solid. Real solid. Just getting kinda screwed over, which is annoying.

C is still sure that we can pull this off, one way or another.

We also got news this morning that not only are we getting a free dryer (and possibly large sectional couch), we're also getting a free washer, and a dresser set for the bedroom. So there's always good mixed in with the not so good.

I'll be going to the bakery with D tomorrow to work on our wedding cake, as the original design we wanted is beyond their scope of expertise.

I'm going to get my hair cut either tomorrow or Friday. Nothing major, just an "extreme trim", with some shaping and movement worked into it. Shoulder-skimming, I think, or maybe a little shorter. It's just below my shoulders now in the back.

I'm sorry if this is all very random, but I'm flaring today (thanks to yesterday's exertions), and I've been wandering in a fibro fog for the past few days. I used to be kind of skeptical about fibro fog, thinking that it was kind of an excuse that was overused, but now I totally get it. It's like I do my best to think and remember things, and I think I'm doing perfectly fine, but then I realize I've forgotten things or not thought through them very thoroughly when others point it out to me.

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  • Optimistic Existentialist | March 14, 2013 at 5:40 AM

    This seems to be an exciting time with lots of possibilities!! So exciting to be looking for a new home and to be having a wedding coming up. I wish you the very best on both accounts. Also, I am now craving cupcakes thanks a lot ;)

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