Thank me later

It's the weekend! Hurrah!

Honestly... weekends really aren't that different than the rest of the week for me lol. They kind of blur together with the other days.

This one feels a little special, though. Maybe it's the great weather. Maybe it's the counting-down-to-the-wedding. Maybe it's that I've altered my schedule and now get up much earlier than I used to.

Whatever it is, it's a day full of possibilities... if only I could convince my body of that! (I'm trying to work up the motivation/energy to shower. It's not working.) I told C last night that I wish I didn't have to sleep. I work all day on managing my pain and fatigue, and by the time bedtime rolls around I've usually got it under decent control... but I know that when I wake up I'll be achy, limping, and exhausted again. Do not like. :(

So, on that note, I need a little somethin'-somethin' to cheer me up and get my butt in gear. I'm sure others will benefit from this as well. (You can thank me later.)

And, for the piece de resistance...

(I literally LOL'd.)

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