Lost in transition

I find it extremely fascinating and equally annoying how obsessed the human mind is with pinning things down. People cannot stand transitions. They have to know what goes where, who is what, and what name to give everything. The reason we have molds is so that we can fill them, because an unmolded being is just a blob, and who likes a blob? No one.

Take illness, for example. Something in your mind just relaxes when you have a name to go with the beast. If I develop mysterious symptoms, it's away to webmd I go! And, of course, that's when I learn that I have blood spiders, space aids, or a cancer involving a mix of the two. Yep. Definitely bloody space cancer. (The runny nose gives it away every time.)

Really, though, once I had a name for my fibromyalgia, it suddenly seemed possible to fight. I could deal with this. I could overcome this... if only because my enemy now had a face.

But what do you do when you're a person in transition? Especially something as tricky as spiritual transition? People hate that, you know. They're threatened by it. I mean, how can you not know what you believe? Just pick something, already, so I can breathe a sigh of relief and know how to relate to you! (Oh, but make sure that it's what I believe because, you know, I'm right.)

I could go on, but I'd probably just end up being redundant and sarcastic, so I'll stop here...

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