Good things have happened, as well as sad things. I'll write about my birthday and house stuff tomorrow, because I'm busy with other stuff right now.

I just wanted to note that I'm being rather strongly encouraged from various sources (who know nothing of one another) to take my writing seriously, and to take my unique perspective on chronic illnesses seriously, and to do something with them that will help the world.

This means a website/blog.

Yeah, well, I feel pretty thoroughly inadequate for such a task as that. I mean, who would want to read my stuff? I'm just a lady who has problems and likes to write about stuff. Is it really worth sharing with the world? Could I really make any difference at all? Is it just delusions of grandeur, just pride and misguided intentions leading me to overstep my bounds?

Yet I am assured by my friends sitting in the living room with me that, even if something has been said a million times before, everyone relates to it in a different way. The way that I state something may be just the thing someone needs to have an "aha!" moment, when they had read the same thing written by someone else and had no response whatsoever. It's true. I know it's true.

I'm just so scared of failure... of putting myself out there and being shot down.

Scared of dreaming big.

Scared of doing something that matters.

Scared of wanting to make a difference and realizing that I can't.

Scared of being weighed and found wanting.

'Cause really? I love to help people. And I love to write. How could I  not want to combine those two loves?

Because when you put all your eggs in one basket, you run the risk of them being crushed.

Ah, well, no use running over and over my fears. I'm scared, it's true.

But I'm also very desirous of pursuing this opportunity... I mean, is it just coincidence that I'm being encouraged from so many sides so strongly, so seemingly suddenly?

My friends have come up with a domain name for me-- Fibro Warrior Princess. It's a nickname they bestowed up on me, and I love it. Then they said I ought to use it as a domain name.

You know what?

I think I'm totally going to go for it.

Watch out, world-- the Princess is on the loose! ^_^

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