Okay, so funny thing about how plans work out... they sometimes don't.

I went to bed all early and stuff... but I can't stay asleep. I'm waking up every hour or so, and now I'm just not tired anymore. (It could be the pain...? But it's not that bad! But bad enough to where I can't sleep in certain positions... I dunno. Whatevs. I took a tramadol and hopefully that will help me knock back out. Gotta do what you gotta do.)

Anyway, as I was drifting off the first, second, and third times, I was thinking about a few things... one of them being how my friend H encouraged me in my writing today. She sent me a message that went thusly:

"So for the whole month of February I've been trying to write one stinkin page on my courtship website and have been having the hardest time doing a page about the Proverbs 31 woman. I thought to myself, I bet I could ask C what she would write and she could come up with a really good intro in like two seconds. Just thinking about talking to you or asking for your help INSPIRED me! Seriously. 

I just finished reading this blog post (SUPER GOOD BLOGGER!) and I just HAD to tell you that you REALLY have a gift for writing. With your fibro thing going on and having low energy and all, you can really make an impact on this world through writing. That IS your gift. I like following your blog - largely because I care about you, largely because it educates me in my pursuit to be a good counselor, but another large factor is that it's just well written!"

Yes, well... clearly, it meant a lot to me. A lot. (And I hope you don't mind my sharing it, H!) And the funny thing is that I've been thinking lately about how I can make a contribution to the world now that I'm so "diminished" in other ways... It's like, "Okay, my definition of productivity has totally been turned on its head. How can I still be productive without judging myself on what I accomplish on a daily basis?" Writing could be it. I don't know what that will look like, exactly, but I feel that my feet are set on that path, and I'm slowly but surely walking toward something. I've felt that way for a little while now, and it's kinda exciting. Hard, 'cause you know me and waiting for stuff, but exciting.

That led me to begin thinking about other ways I can reach out and make a difference (while making a living), and the idea for an Etsy store came to me while I was drifting.

Okay, related side note: S has found a place to live and will be moving out within the next few weeks. That means that we'll have a spare bedroom, and C said that I can have it to move all of my crafty stuff (and wedding stuff) into! That means that I'll actually get to set up my easel! So I was thinking about how, once I have a space to work in, I can start making stuff, and how therapeutic it was for me to make that spoon last week...

And that led me to thinking about creating an Etsy store that specializes in survivor awareness jewelry, keychains, bookmarks, and art. Survivors of chronic illnesses, survivors of abuse, invisible illnesses... Like, I could have a whole "line" of stuff just for and about spoonies, featuring and made of spoons, and I could even make more of those "inspirational spoons" and feature them as gifts for the spoonies in people's lives... and I could have another line of stuff related to abuse survivors... and I could also put up the art that I create in various mediums. I'm thinking of a name something along the lines of The Art of Survival, or something like that. While the majority of profits would go towards defraying my medical bills (I really want to help R out on that one!), 10% of any profits would go toward various organizations that promote awareness of and healing from chronic illnesses and abuse.

While I don't have the resources to invest in jewelry and keychain making materials, I can definitely pick up cheap, older jewelry from thrift stores and take it apart to reassemble the parts into what I desire. As far as bookmarks and art goes, well, I'm always seeing things at Goodwill and the dollar store that I'm like, "Oooh, you know what I could make out of that?"

C says that, if I think I can do it, go for it. I'm thinking that I'll wait until after the wedding to even try thinking of it. I may put it off until this summer, even, when I don't have classes. We'll see. Definitely not until after the wedding, though! I think it would be fun to try to pursue this, even if it doesn't pan out like I'd hope that it would. (Hoping to become somewhat self-sufficient, income wise!)

And for now, I'll be patient and see where my writing takes me. I feel like I can't really contribute much in the way of fibromyalgia awareness or anything until I get mine under control, you know? My diagnosis is so recent and my symptoms so unpredictable that I feel like the only thing I really understand is the "freak out" stage... and I don't even have the answers for that yet!! lol

We'll see. We'll see. For now, it's enough to just dream...

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