Hot bath

And then I said "to hell with it" and cleaned the bathtub anyway. Ouch. Ouchouchouch.

I'm heating water on the stove in every pot that I own, and a few that I don't (because a couple of them are C's, technically lol).

I WILL have my hot bath, and I will have it tonight!

Especially because after eating my tummy is all, "I'm going to cramp up and do some squiggles inside you, and then I'm going to burrow through your spine and come out the other side Alien-style, mmm-kay?"

So I'm all, "Sure stomach, do what you want. I'm going to medicate myself stupid, take a hot bath, and seriously contemplate drinking the wine that S left behind."

Without the medicated part, of course... because I still can't get over the guilt of taking painkillers.

Ah, hello, Should Monster. It's been far too long.

Right. Anyway, back to watching Audrey Hepburn while I wait for my water to boil...

(Did anyone else know that the original Sabrina was so morbid?!)

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