Good Enough For Today

I read an amazing blog post just after posting up my last little ramble. Though it's written in the context of being a parent, letting go of the damaging pursuit of perfection, and embracing life as is, it really spoke to me as a warrior. (Warrior? Yes, a chronic illness warrior, of course!! I'm badass enough to call myself warrior, and I've got the weaponry and the snake to prove it ^_^)

I think it's a concept that is applicable in so many contexts, away and beyond parenting. How many of us get down on ourselves so hard for not being perfect, for not being "good enough"? Way too many of us, and way too often. It's a very human trait, especially when we're raised in a world so adept at Photoshopping.

So don't heed my rambling review any longer-- go check it out for yourself! Who knows... it may spark a revolution in your thinking.

Good Enough For Today, by Hands Free Mama.

(Btw-- Oooooh! The painkillers! I can feel them working!)

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