Good Day

It's been a good day.

Got some of the job hunt out of the way today, then got a good half of this insanely long job application done.

While I was on the phone with B, the guys came to the porch door.

"Do you want to go swimming?!" *huge grin*

"Heck yes!!"

Why so enthusiastic? It was pouring buckets, with thunder and lightning beginning to make their ominous appearances.

So we went swimming in the downpour, until the maintenance guy kicked us out. Then we headed to Walmart to grab a few ingredients for the sumptuous dinner I'm making-- pomegranate-chipotle bbq chicken with rice and broccoli. (I'm probably the ONLY one going to be eating the broccoli, due to the simple fact that there's not much left. Maybe I can convince C to eat some?)

Now, I'm cooking, watching the lightning, and making concert plans with S. (He's going to Jesus Jam with me, 'cause I don't want to go alone, and in return I'll be going to some concert with him.)

It's just... been a good day.

The phenomenal lightning show has been a pleasant kickoff to the Sabbath, and I'm really digging the massive thunder-rumbles and claps that follow.

Note: The guys think my cooking is the best thing ever, and I had to split the broccoli three ways between me, D, and C.

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