Line updates (Now with extra italics!)

The induction into nerd-dom has been completed. I am... one of them now...

Root canal? Really?!

Been having a rough time sleeping (or should I say, desiring to sleep?)

Filling out job applications.

Hoping to get a haircut, since I made a few extra dollars this week.

Having the extreme desire to purge, clean, and otherwise make my world incredibly organized and tidy. Control... for when one feels out of it.

Getting irritable at all the things interfering with my purging, cleaning, and otherwise organizing, even if they're people. Whoa, nelly. Calm down, there!

Still fighting with God. Can you even hear me? Do you care?

Going to get my ear pierced this week, as a sign of my rebellion. Plus, I just want to see if I can do it. (Just kidding. It's not about rebellion. But I am seriously contemplating the piercing. It seems... bold? Fearless? Tough? Free-spirited? "I don't mind what you think"? All the things that I want to be.)

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