Misread ring

Well, I totally mis-read that one.


I was right, though. He did give me a ring :)

And, technically, it is an engagement ring... It's the ring he gave me the first time around. I kept it (since he wouldn't take it back), and it fell off of my keychain a year and a half ago, landing in the snow and sort of surviving being run over by an Expedition. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it while it was warped.

So, C got it fixed for me, and gave it back. :) 

Since the picture is kinda lame (no camera, remember? I have to rely on my not-so-great cell phone camera), it's a solitaire tanzanite (since I don't like diamonds) with a Celtic trinity knot on either side, surrounded by a roped edge.

The way he gave it to me was sweet/funny. He picked it up sometime yesterday, and left the little white box sitting on his desk. I didn't notice it until I got back from group last night, and then it took all my will-power not to peek (although I desperately wanted to!). As a matter of fact, I was going to peek when I went into the room to change my shirt, but both C and B were there, so I took it as a sign and gave up the idea of peeking.

Five hours later, I finally asked C, "What's that white box?" He laughed, because he had figured that hiding it out in the open was the best way to keep it from me. (Back story: when he proposed the first time, he left the bag with the ring in it sitting on top of his dresser, and I totally didn't see it. At all. I  knew he'd gotten an engagement ring and hidden it, so I was actually poking around for it, but couldn't find it. So he took the same tack this time, thinking that I probably wouldn't see it. And, to his credit... it did take me several hours to notice it.)

So he tossed me the box and said, "You can look if you want to." Uh, yeah! Of COURSE I want to! But I didn't want to ruin any surprise, so I demurred for a moment or two, then finally lifted off the box's top to find... an old ring of mine that doesn't fit anymore that had been sitting in his dream box.

He laughed as I spluttered, saying, "I did take some precautions, you know!" Immediately, I reached for the dream box and revealed my shining prize.

Later, I confided to C that I had "totally been expecting you to propose!". He said that he could use this ring, but that he didn't want to propose here (his apartment), like this. It needed to be... something better, he said. (I agree wholeheartedly.)

So I misjudged that one. I know it's still coming, but now I'm deliciously in suspense.

Good. I love surprises. :)

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