Making my peace

At the gentle questioning of a friend, it occurred to me that I haven't bothered to come back and note that I'm doing okay (for now).

Sabbath was better. Sunday was better yet, and today hasn't been too bad.

I made pancakes on Sunday, which were fantastic. However, I slept in today, which I'm not so thrilled with. (A consequence of staying up until 4 a.m.... again.) I got most of what I needed to done, and I'm adopting the attitude, "What will be will be, and I'm just going to do what I can and not worry about the rest." It's helping me tremendously to fight back the panic and overwhelmed-ness.

I hear there're a few jobs open for students at the base, and I'm going to get an application tomorrow.

Read a few interesting things this weekend (thank you, Cracked!) that helped me get a reality check on my expectations for my life. It disheartens me that things aren't easy, but why should they be? Why can't I do hard things? I can, you know. I have before. As much as I really prefer not to be working and somehow miraculously able to survive anyhow, I know that I can endure even awful working situations, because I have before.

So, I guess the possibility of things being hard holds less of a panic trigger for me. I'm making my peace with it, and I think it'll be okay.

Went with some friends to work out at the gym on base tonight, and it was a little awkward, since there were a lot of Marines there, and I don't like large groups of people. Especially people that look at you when you walk through a door. I could flatter myself and think that they were watching me because I'm attractive, but more likely it's that they were watching me because I walked through a door into a room that they were already in. That's kind of what people do.

I'm optimistic for now. Still trying to walk forward with God.

Went to a wedding this weekend. It was sweet and simple. Gave me an idea for where I want to have my reception.

Also, found out that I'm going to be auntie to a little niece this November! :D :D :D
I'm SO looking forward to indulging my mothering instincts on the wee lass.

Oh yeah, and I love my boyfriend. He's so good to me.

Thus ends another not-so-eventful weekend.

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