A Sweet Surprise

Okay, so C is totally not into holidays, especially sappy ones like Valentine's Day. I'll admit it-- I've been an Anti-V-Day-er for a long time as well. It really isn't anything but a fabricated "holiday" designed around materialism and gain for the candy and card companies. Granted, florists get a huge boost in income, but... I just don't see the purpose to it. (I might also be a little bitter since I can't eat 99.99999% of candies and chocolates produced...)

Well, regardless of my feelings about the holiday itself, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to love on C in an extra-special way. So, no, he didn't do anything for me, but I had already asked him if he was going to and he did not give me any illusions of hope. I, however, lined up a deliciously sweet surprise for him.

When he got home from work, I was waiting in the candle-lit room with soft piano music playing in the background, wearing nothing but flowers and vines made of melted (safe!) chocolate and strawberry slices. On the desk I had arranged a silver tray with a small bowl of melted chocolate, strawberry slices, two champagne glasses, and two miniature bottles of sparkling cider in different flavors. I also had a card waiting for him, but it took a while for him to notice that amidst all the other distractions.

When he walked in and saw me, I said, "I got you flowers and chocolate! ^_^" He just laughed.

The poor guy has to go through a bazillion steps to get in and out of his multi-part work uniform, but it was amusing to see him hurrying to get out of it while casting longing glances at the bed and my strawberry-laden form.

He cleaned me up as best he could (and enjoyed it thoroughly!), and I tapped into my creative side to paint him up with chocolate as well. (Needless to say, after the fun and festivities were over, we had to head to the shower and clean each other up the real way.)

In between rounds of painting and de-painting (and all that goes with it), we snuggled into his oversized computer chair and browsed sexy pictures together. That, of course, led to another bout of chocolate-inspired loving, followed by our steamy shower.

It was so much fun! It wasn't just about the sexy stuff, though. He read the card I got him and really liked it, and we were both surprised that a card existed that summed up what I would say so succinctly.

The card read thus:

"Why do I feel so good with you? Because you still surprise me. Sometimes you touch me or smile a certain way (and you don't even know you're doing it) and I remember what made me fall in love with you. But there's a deeper reason, too... it's because I believe in you. Your inner strength and your solid values make me feel secure. I know I can trust you... and that's a really good feeling.

You keep life real and you've helped me see that material things are not nearly as important as what comes straight from the heart... like honesty... like love. So, yeah, I feel really good with you and I know that good feeling is going to last a lifetime.

Happy Valentine's Day"

I added an inscription, which said:
"I am looking forward to the honor of becoming your wife. With all my heart, all my soul, all my trust, respect, and eternal loyalty, I love you."

Oh, yeah, and it had two owls on the front of the card. I love owls. They've always had a special meaning to me. So it didn't even matter that the card is 7 different shades of pink... it was perfect.

I loved surprising him, and he liked it too. As we were cuddling while drifting off to sleep, I asked him, "So... happy with your Valentine's surprise?" He grinned and said, "Yeah. It was good."

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