Burnt Out

I'm burnt out.

Like a 4-day old piece of charred bread.

This past week contained so many emotions, I can't even begin to absorb them all, much less process them.

D's dying, seeing it face to face, saying goodbye, and realizing that I will never see him alive again.

So many people breaking the news of their absence at my wedding (including H, did I mention that one? My wedding coordinator/best friend? Yeah.).

Talking to my real dad for the first time.

Being so damn sick and helpless to do anything about it.

Travel, which is always a bitch, at least when you have fibro.

Firing my officiant and frantically scrambling for a new one.

And then? United lost my effing bag.

That makes two trips in a row, not to mention the stuff of mine they've broken in the past. I hate that airline, but it's the only one that takes me where I need to go. Ugh.

I'm done. I'm just... done.

The lost bag thing just pushed me over the frustration edge, and I'm angry. Angry about everything listed above, and then some. (Uh, not angry about talking to my dad, I'm  happy about that one. Everything else, though? Pissed. Ready to start punching walls kinda pissed.)

I can't wait for C to come home. I really need a good long cuddle, a nice cry, and some seriously steamy sex. No joke.

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