Bruised thumb

Really? All I did was bump (not bang, but bump) my thumb against the side of my walker last night while attempting to wipe rain off the seat, and a super-bruised thumb is my reward. It did hurt, overmuch, but I didn't expect this crazy bruising.

I've been having serious fibro probs just before and most assuredly during my visit up here... Maybe it's all the emotions. Either way, my pain killers just aren't cutting it anymore, which saddens me. I've borrowed half a Vicodin from C a couple of times, and that seems to take the edge off, but man... I am so sick.


Yet, on the other hand, I totally identify with D in a lot of ways, which I didn't expect. So it makes him less scary, less fragile, less "I'm gonna break you if I so much as talk to you", and now... he's just D, and he's not feeling good. I get that. I get that completely.

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