Sentence Updates

  • Red toenails <3
  • Still waiting impatiently for a good house to pop up
  • SUPER excited about the nearness of the wedding and the belovedness of my beloved
  • Beginning to be overwhelmed by wedding stuff... afraid of failure? (Little details keep popping up, and I'm wondering what else I've overlooked?)
  • I've filled up my plate to the max; no adding anything else. (Work, school, tutoring, wedding, doctor's appointments, sexual assault support group, managing health)
  • Finally got a consistent schedule going... for the moment.
  • Thinking about calling my dad...
  • Feeling a little bummed at Mom's (perceived) unavailability right now, because I'm feeling really insecure and vulnerable about the upcoming wedding, but also excited, and I was hoping for support from that corner 'cause she's been there fairly recently, plus she's my mommy. (I understand that Mom has her own stuff going on... and a lot of it. But still bummed.)
  • Going to church this Sabbath for the grand opening of my grandparent's new church building. (They've been working towards that goal since '95!)
  • Grampa was so excited to hear that I'm coming to church. Suuuuper cute :)
  • Feeling insecure about popping up at church after all this time. I know the people there love me and are well meaning, buuuuut... I'm going to be exhausted by the time I leave, I'm sure. Well-meaning questions. Not to mention I'll have to have my walker with me...
  • Got a flyer for my church's Revelation Seminar in the mail the other day. It felt weird to be on the other side for a change.
  • I'm able to go 5 hours between Tramadol now! That's up from 3 or 4 before the refill, and I don't double up anymore.
  • Still losing weight... I estimate between 1/2 lb. and 1 lb. a week, roughly. E is freaking out, afraid I'll get too thin. (Mexican mommas... what can you do?) I haven't lost my boobs, though, so I'm content.
  • I realized the other night how attractive I am. Caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror and noticed the shadowing of my arm muscles. I turned around and noticed how muscular my back is. Came to the conclusion that I'm hot. (C merely shook his head in disbelief that it took me this long to figure it out.)
  • I'm gonna look fabulous in my wedding dress! I'm thinner, I'm toned, clear skin, whiter teeth... Daaaaaaaamn. lol
  • Mom ordered her side of things this week and shipped out my dress!
  • R bought the family's tickets today. They're really, really coming!
  • Sent the S's my share of the money for H's fare. It was more than I had remembered, and I'm grateful for that.
  • C just kissed me real nice.
  • I selected my wedding jewelry today, and it's super meaningful.
  • Contrary to the last time I took out my earrings to clean the piercings, I was able to get them back in on the first try! (Also, I tried on a pair of "real" earrings and got those in on the first try as well.)
  • Never get too comfortable walking around your home in the buff. You may end up full-frontaling your room-mate at 5:45 a.m. (Sigh....)

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