Little moments

I wish there were some way to capture the funny, meaningful, really cute, and totally hilarious moments that happen throughout my days.

Some examples...

My maid of honor's four year old seeing us off as we drove away to do wedding stuff. He gave me an air kiss, then waved and said, "Okay, be careful! Be safe!" So. Cute.

C and I "making googly eyes" at each other. Instead of looking at each other sickeningly and batting our eyelashes, we just look at each other and say, "Googly googly googly!"

C holding me while I cry. Last night was rough for me, emotionally... My last post kind of makes that obvious, heh. After posting, I crawled into bed and just started crying. C was trying to vanquish the world and had his headphones on, and it wasn't one of those "relational cries" where I want him to come over and cuddle with me and then we can talk about stuff and it'll all turn out okay, it was just a cry where I needed to cry. I just needed to be sad for a while. Well, C's girlfriend senses began tingling, as they always do when I cry, and he took off the headphones, came over and laid down beside/propped up above me, and wrapped me in his arms. I explained what I was feeling (basically what I posted, but with more swear words and expounded a little bit), and then I just sobbed. He just held me close and let me cry. When the tears abated some, he told me a few things that warmed my heart. He said, "I know what you want (to be a "real person" again)(kiss), but I know that you'll make the best of it (kiss) and it'll be okay. (kiss) I'm not going anywhere (kiss), and I'm gonna be right here beside you the whole time. (kiss)" Yes, he was kissing me in between declarations, which was super sweet. I told him how grateful I was for him, and he again said that he's not going anywhere.

When he sat back down to his game, he offhandedly remarked, "I think I've probably lost this one..." I replied, "I'm sorry I made you lose." He then said, "Some things are more important." *Sigh* What a good guy.

C's reaction to my eating his cheese. He went into the kitchen last night, while I was in the room reading. All of a sudden I hear this loud holler drifting through the apartment--"You have greedy little fingers!!" (I initially misheard it as, "You have three little fingers!") It took me a minute, and then I realized that he noticed I had taken (and blissfully eaten) two of his mini Baybel cheeses yesterday. Hehehe... Despite his accusations that I ate all of his cheese, I did, in fact, leave him one.

There are countless other little moments that I wish I could record and store away for future browsing. Ah, well... maybe the transience is what makes them so sweet.

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