I went to the park in my heart today.

See, I was at work, and I glanced out the window and realized that the weather was getting continuously more cloudy and slightly chilly with a light breeze, yet with sunlight still pouring through and I thought, "Man, I'd really like to go to the park right now..."

And I had this super-vivid vision of myself at the park I wanted to go to, and what I would be doing there, right down to the frosty can of green tea in my hand. I thought about it, mulled the concept over in my head, and then decided that you know what? I need to be kind to myself. If my inner child wants to go to the park, then to the park we will go!

However, when I got off of work and drove back home (work is 1/2 an hour outside of town, unfortunately), it was time to make some food. I knew that by the time I finished making and eating food, there wouldn't be much daylight left, and it would be getting chillier. I didn't want to drive all the way across town and use precious gas for just a few minutes of calm reflection before I had to pile back into my car and go home. Also, after looking inward and taking stock, I realized that I didn't really have the energy required for a trip to the park anymore.

See, I love my job, and I love to work. It energizes me, fills me with enthusiasm and satisfaction, and gets me all happy. I feel like I can take on the world after a good, productive session at work. (I would say "work day", but since I only work a few hours at a time on any given day, well...) So while I was at work, going to the park was totally possible! On the drive home, however, the enthusiasm began to wane, being replaced by, well, realism.

So I thought about it and considered what to do. What, in this situation, would being kind to myself look like? I did want to go to the park, but I also want to take good care of myself...

In the end, I went to the park in my heart. I thought back to the vivid visualization I had of myself in the park, and sat there for a while, enjoying myself. Then, I went home and made some good food and rested. It was quite enjoyable, actually. I feel like I got the best of both worlds :)

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