I found it!

I found the ring that I tried on and fell in love with! It wasn't on the site of the jewelry store I actually visited, but I found it on another one.

This is it. This is the one. (I would love for the center little stones to be blue diamonds.)

(I ran the idea of coming up this summer to pick up my cat, my bin of books, and my freezer past C. He says it's definitely a viable option. Included in this trip would be a trip to the jewelry store for me to order his ring, and maybe to give him an opportunity to order this ring for me! He hasn't seen it yet, but I'll show him when I get home.)

And seriously? I cannot believe that I fell for a diamond ring. I've never been a diamond fan--they're way to mainstream for me. Everyone has them, they're expensive, what's the point when there are so many other beautiful gemstones out there? It's like you're "supposed" to have a diamond ring when you get married... so I don't want one. (Typical rebellious me lol)

But I discovered recently that it was important to C that he buy me a diamond, so I made my peace with that. And now... I actually like a diamond ring. Talk about a turnaround!

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