We're 98% moved into the new house. There are just a few things left to grab over at the other place, such as the lamp and table, the stuff off of the porch, the cleaning supplies from the bathroom and kitchen, and the food in the kitchen pantry. There are some dishes and stuff, too, but C is bringing a box of those over tonight after work. The idea is that whenever one or the other of us leaves the house, we'll make it a point to swing by the apartment and pick up a few things. That works better for me than trying to do a marathon packing and moving session, and he's at work all day.

I like this new house. Yes, it's small, but I don't mind that at all. I'm used to living in small spaces, and what's more important is that it's ours. (I mean, I had plans to live in a tent for the better part of a year. Small doesn't bother me.) The living room is all set up, minus the dvd tower, and it's quite cozy. The cushy and comfy pillows that L bought for us go nicely with our "new" couch, a tan microfiber sectional given to us by M when his mother bought a new one, and the throw blankets that I've draped over the back of the couch are not only comfortable but handy for when my temperature begins to vacillate wildly. Everything about the couch set up just feels good-- microfiber couch with comfortable cushions, plump microfiber and soft faux-fur pillows, soft and thick throw blankets that feel good on the skin... It's my oasis of comfort, especially when I wake up in the early morning hours, too stiff and painful to stay in bed with C, but needing a place of comfort to rest and take my mind off of the pain. That has been happening almost every morning for the last 2 weeks, at least. I was put off of my routine the first morning I woke up in the house, and the couches hadn't been moved over yet. I ended up sitting on the floor of my craft room, but it was nowhere near as comfortable.

As hard as moving has been on me, and it's been pretty brutal, I've been more fearful of unpacking than anything else. It's easy to throw a bunch of stuff in a box, but it takes so much more energy to pull it all out and figure out where it goes. I was afraid that, three months into living in the new place, we'd still be stepping over boxes and rummaging through bins to get at our stuff.

I told C the first night, "I need your help to break down what needs to be done into manageable tasks, because honestly? Looking around and thinking about what still has to be done is seriously overwhelming to me." So two nights ago C informed me that the goal for yesterday was to unpack one box, do my laundry, and to pick up some stuff from the other house when I ventured out to run my errands. Ok, I can do that, and I did! That set the pace for my daily goals-- one box a day.

It's a good pace. I did a little extra yesterday, clearing off the dining room table and bringing the microwave in from my car, and I definitely felt that I was low on spoons when I finished that. But I had stuff to do, so I headed over to C's dad's place for dinner, dropped some stuff off at S's, picked up some stuff from the apartment, and did my weekly grocery shopping. I could feel a headache beginning behind my left eye when I left the house, and it had bloomed into a full whopper of a headache by the time we sat down to eat. I didn't manage to shake it until about 8 this morning. I guess I pushed it too much, because I barely made it home and got the groceries into the house before collapsing on the couch in sickness. Fibro flu, baby. It strikes when you least expect it! On the bright side, I got to try out my new bathtub, and I love it! I especially love not having to heat a stockpot of water on the stove to get a hot bath. Our water heater is big enough to fill up the entire tub with hot water without running cold! What a novelty.

This morning I woke early and painfully, as seems to be my custom lately. The sky was overcast, and I could feel it in every inch of me. (That's probably where the headache came from yesterday, as the weather started shifting.) My pain killers have been falling down on the job lately, though I'm not sure if it's that my system is adapting to them or that my pain levels have increased to the point where they're not touching it anymore. In any event, even a double dose doesn't do much but take the edge off these days. This morning I was feeling too poorly to mess around with that, so I took a triple dose, and you know what? That does the trick. After about an hour it kicked in enough that my headache went away and my limbs stopped throbbing. I crawled back into bed for a few hours and got the best sleep I've had all week. Now that I'm back up the headache is coming back, and the limbs are starting to throb again, but now I have a secret weapon. I don't want to use it unless I have to, of course, but... it's nice to know that I can still get some kind of relief if things get too bad.

So, today, my goals are simple. One box unpacked. One question answered on the grant I'm working on. (It's hard to do mental work when you feel poorly and your brain is all foggy. I'm learning this the hard way.) Make the bed. Get out of my pajamas at some point. Clean off the garbage can and do the few dishes in the sink. That's all. I may not even get to all of that, frankly, as I'm running low on spoons today. But a box and a question, those are the for sure things on my list today.

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