Grr. Mutha-effin' grr.

I'm seriously agitated and distressed right now... aggravated by every little thing... jumpy and fidgety and pissed off about nothing in particular.

It could be because I've been exhausted to the core all. day. long., and I've had to just keep going and going and going because life doesn't stop for people like me.

Could be the depression, kicking in and getting worse.

Could be pms. Could be that my body is whacking out and I don't know what the hell is going on anymore. Could be that I'm gaining weight, probably because of my new steroid, and I hate that. Could be that C won't have sex with me because I'm mysteriously bleeding, so it's been over a week. Could be that I've been feeling really insecure and under a lot of pressure and stress lately.

Could be that I just need to call it a night and get the hell off of the computer.

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