"Prescriptions" from my therapist

My massage therapist gave me several "prescriptions" today, or admonitions, or injunctions, or whatever you'd like to call them.

1. Don't move furniture when you're depressed.
She repeated this one several times, so I think she really meant it. Hehe. Actually, I'm allowed to move furniture... it just can't be any bigger than a chair or a side table. In other words? Love myself, and love my body, and don't do things that will hurt it.

2. Do something every day that makes you happy and/or laugh like a little kid.

3. Love yourself so much!!

4. Whatever it was that you "had" to get done yesterday... it's still here today. Prioritize.

5. Love yourself so much!! And live in the moment, as children do, until they're taught not to.

Pretty good prescriptions, I'd say. It may be a bit difficult for me to put into practice, but I definitely want to try.

And today's session went very well.  I feel fantastic, and happy. Real good. I wish every acu/massage session made me feel like I did when I walked out of the office today! They don't, so I'll treasure this as a gift and make the most of it.

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