Fb prayers

Person: "K, whats happening? How is your dad?"

K: "He is struggling with confusion, hellusionations (however u spell that) and just weakness. He can't lift up his head anymore. It's down permanitely. We don't know how long he's going to last."

Person: "Wow, K, Thank you for hear an update on your dad. We will be praying most earnestly for him, for you, for your mom, for all of you. That's intense. We will really pray. Hugs, girl. Jesus is your friend. He will walk with you through this valley. I learned from walking through valleys that Jesus comes closer when we need him most, and you all most certainly need in Him in a big way right now."

Other person: "Your whole family has been in my prayers, and how much my heart goes out to all of you in these difficult moments. I pray that our good Lord may uphold you in His strong everlasting arms. All my love to the 4 of you."

And what, exactly, are your prayers for D going to to, Person? What are you praying for? That he'll just effing die already and not be in so much physical torment anymore? 'Cause that's what I "pray" for. That's what I hope for. Thanks for pointing out how much this sucks for us, by the way. Much appreciated.

"Jesus is your friend." Imaginary friend, maybe... 

Oh religion... I'm so done with you. #pissedoff

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