Spent all day yesterday and far into the night accomplishing moving tasks and moving furniture and boxes full of stuff over to the new house. C is determined to have it all done by the time his weekend is over, which means tonight. His brother D came over in the evening and helped to move the big, heavy things (like the mammoth, stone-insert dresser that I brought with me the first time C and I moved in together-- it now is the home for the very large fish tank, as it is the only piece of furniture strong enough to support it). After D went home to go to bed, as he had work in the early morning, C kept chugging along while I took a nap around 11:30. I woke up at 1:30 to find C still gone (setting up his desk and computer at the other house), but he came back shortly and we moved our entire bedroom over to the house, as well as most everything else but the kitchen and bathroom stuff.

C was worried about me last night, and said that he knew I was going to be hurting like crazy today, and that he was sorry, but there was no one else to help. I told him that I knew, I was doing it voluntarily, and we'd handle that when we got there. He was right, though. I'm quite stiff and achy today. We finally collapsed into bed around 5 a.m.

I'm disappointed, because I had forgotten (thanks, fog!) that there was an activity this morning, Beautiful You, that I was supposed to go to. Although, having gotten to bed so late (early?), there was no way I was going to peel myself out of bed in time to make it there at 9:30. Some things just take precedence, even if I am bitterly disappointed. I was looking forward to being pampered and getting free stuff. (Shoes! Clothes! Purses! Jewelry! Manicures! Massages! Haircuts! Waaaaaaaah!)

On the plus side, we got a new fridge yesterday, after a bit of finagling and running around. It was a whopping good deal, and oh my gobbles is it gorgeous! Stainless steel, side by side, with a fancy water and ice dispenser and everything! Sears was having a Memorial Day sale, dontchaknow. The up front investment is a bit of a hard blow, even though it was a very good price, but it'll pay off in the long run. We're saving hundreds of dollars. It's just that we're broke now, because it was an expensive investment. But C gets paid this week, which is good, because we may or may not have enough to buy groceries until then... Setting up a household is expeeeeensive. I can't wait until everything settles down and we can see what basic living costs will be here in the new house. But I'm not worried, because C is good with money, and he will make sure that I am taken care of. He is a family man to the core, and responsible as the day is long. He knew what a money pit I was when he married me, so I just need to not worry. (Still, I'm going to do my part to minimize expenses wherever possible, even more than I do now.)

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