Yes, my computer is fixed. The hard drive basically went kaput. Fortunately, I had most everything backed up on my external hard drive, so that's good. The wedding and honeymoon pictures are uploaded to Facebook, plus I have them on a thumb drive as well, so we're good there. I did lose some files, mostly school stuff, but also my Accomplishments template and the one week I'd chronicled. No big deal there, but I am a little bummed that I hadn't thought to back up my computer more recently. No, I take that back... I had been thinking about it, but just hadn't felt like doing it. That'll teach me not to put it off again!

So I begin the tedious task of reinstating all of my information and of tailoring my computer to fit my needs again. Until I can unearth the iWorks disk, I have no "Office" programs, or Garage Band, or any of those things... sad. But at least I still have my music! Whew!

Anyway, I'm over somewhere else right now, working on a post that plays off of The Spoon Theory. A couple of friends in one of my fibro groups requested it, so I figured, eh... I have to rest right now anyway. Might as well write! :)

I have one final left in this semester, and that's tonight. It's Conversational Spanish, and from what I understand we're going to play Lotteria (Bingo) and eat rolled tacos. I'm bringing the soda, because I wouldn't contribute to buying food that I can't eat. So basically... it's not really a final. lol. I'm not worried, either, because I am one of the best students in the class. I have a good accent, and I spoke some Spanish already. It was good, though, to learn a lot of the basics. I'm glad I took the class.

D, C's brother (and my brother in law now, I guess) is coming over to take me down to Mexico, per C's request. I need to go down there to hit up some pharmacies and see if I can get Savella more cheaply than I can here. I promised R that I would at least try, because $70 a month is a bit ridiculous... but I am seeing improvement. I don't know if it's the Savella, the acupuncture, or both. E, my acupuncturist, says that it's both, because they work together synergistically. (Synergistically, J. You heard me right. lol) So I would hate to have to get off of it if it's helping me get to a good place... and I'm certainly glad that I have insurance. Without insurance, it would be $200 a month! Can you believe that?! And there's no generic for this one. It's Savella or nothing. Crazy. So here's hoping that I can get it less expensively...

I dislike going to Mexico by myself, though. The guys stare and call out, and the vendors are very, uh, persistent. And grabby. Makes me nervous. So I'm glad D will be with me. Did you know that he works at the jail, too? I know he can throw down, if need be. :)

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