Laid a little low with the fibro flu today. Low fever, enough nausea to be annoying and make me feel generally gross, and a lovely little headache flitting about my cranium... plus the usual back spasms, chest pain, and gut twisting. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere today!

 I saw a great idea on fb via Chronically Creative (I think. Can't remember. Blame it on the fog.), and that was to create a pretty "slide" listing my accomplishments for the week. It's so easy to look back at my day, or my week, and think to myself, "What did I accomplish? Did I do anything? No. I didn't. What a waste." And that, of course, is negative self-talk, which exacerbates any depression that may be lurking over my shoulder. (Depression is like a Gremlin, you know... except you shouldn't feed it ever. And don't get it wet. Though I'm not sure how that would even apply in a metaphorical sense.)

So I'm setting a goal for myself, to help keep myself accountable in speaking love and affirmation to myself, rather than criticism. I've let that slide a lot lately... it just takes so much energy to be kind to yourself when it's not familiar, and the negative, snarky, demeaning things seem so much more true when you're compromised in the way that my illnesses have compromised me.

My goal is this: every day, I will enter my accomplishments into the slide format, and when a week has been completed, I will share that picture on this blog. No matter how big or little the accomplishments, I will show myself with undeniable proof that I am not worthless, useless, or a vegetable. I am a fighter, dammit, and I fight every day. I win victories every day. It's time I started to recognize that!

The world shall tremble before the might and tenacity of the Fibro Princess Warrior, the Chick with a Stick! (Well, my internal world, that is. ^_^)

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