Whew. Today has been a rough one.

I did a ton of packing yesterday, and then we moved it all over to the new house, so that definitely wore me out. On top of that, I had a doctor's appointment and a couple of errands to run, plus my last Spanish class, and I was already fighting major fatigue. I did not want to help load up the truck and move our belongings last night-- I wanted to go to bed!! But I helped my beloved anyway, because it would be a jerk move for me to leave it all to him. He looked over at me in the passenger seat and said, "I can tell that you overdid it today."

"You think so?" (Not sarcastically, genuinely questioning.)


And he was right. I was hurting yesterday, but I woke up at 5:30 this morning due to pain and a growling tummy, and I could NOT get back to sleep. I was so frustrated! So I got up, ate something, and settled onto the couch with my trusty, newly-fixed laptop. After an hour or two, I dozed off and was able to get a couple more hours of sleep before my acu appointment. I wasn't up to walking, because even two painkillers hadn't dulled the pain to a "let's act normal" level, so I drove. That was a big tip-off to E, my acupuncturist, because I usually walk. When she saw I didn't have The Stick with me, she knew I was hurting. She did a more intense treatment on me this time, on my back instead of my front, and then my massage therapist worked on my back when she was done. I still hurt when I came out, but I felt tons and tons better.

I've been medicated today, but I feel funny. Weak. Like my eyes won't focus right, and my legs are going to give out... and this funny, weak, up-and-down feeling in my torso. I don't know how to explain it. But I'm tired. Sooooo tired...

So anyway, I came home and made some food, chatted with J for a while, then hopped in the shower with C and got ready for my next doctor's appointment. To the dermatologist! I got my stitch from the punch biopsy taken out, so now I have a neat little crater that's healing up quite nicely. It turns out that the blotchy rash-lesions on my chest are a fungal infection, and we can blame that on my suppressed immune system. Not only is my immune system compromised, but the dexmethisone for my adrenals suppresses the immune system, and the hydroxychloriquine is a suppressant of sorts as well. So the derm said that I'll probably see reoccurrence with this, especially while it's so hot. It's not unsightly or anything, but still... first acne, now this? I guess I'll just be battling my skin all of my life! At least it was clear and beautiful for my wedding pictures. I am unendingly grateful for that.

Also, I had my appointment with the lady doctor yesterday, and after describing that bleeding situation with her she put me down for a pelvic ultrasound. She didn't feel any lumps or anything in the manual exam, and everything else looked good and healthy, but she'd rather make sure that everything's okay than miss something terribly important... or even not-so-important. I'm cool with that.

After my dermatology appointment, I ran a couple of errands, saw my friends at the pharmacy (heh.), and then headed down to Mexico to try and hunt down a cheaper version of Savella for R. Bad news-- no one has it. Like, they've never even heard of it. Bummer :( But it was worth a shot, and I've found that I'm much better at dealing with the pushy vendors and the even pushier guys. I had one older man follow me for half a block asking if I wanted a Mexican boyfriend. We walked past his friend, who made sure to shout at me that he was single. Oy. I just kept walking, eyes forward, head high, no eye contact. Doing my thing, and ignoring them. There was a really nice guy in a safety vest that held my car door open for me, and stopped traffic so that I could turn around on the narrow little street to get back to the border. He was very kind, and I was grateful for him. I also noticed him tailing me briefly as I first began hunting for pharmacies, making sure that I was okay (because at the first pharmacy, the one that I parked in front of, some guys started trying to heckle me as I walked in). As I said, he was kind.

I was SO ready to be back home and collapsing into bed by the time I was finished with the Mexican pharmacies, but lo and behold... I got stopped at the border for inspection. I had to pull my car off to the side and sit on a bench while they went through every inch of the vehicle. I suppose it was the heat, but I got hit with the most incredibly intense headache while talking to the agent that directed me to pull aside for inspection, and it frightened me how sudden and shockingly intense the pain was. It was focused in my left temple and around and behind my left eye at first, but then it spread to my entire head while maintaining an emphasis on the left side. Any movement hurt, and it was kind of difficult to see. (Driving? Not fun.) When I was finally allowed to drive away and I got the air conditioning cranked up, it abated some.

I got home, changed, and collapsed into sleep for a couple of hours. Mercifully, when I woke up, the headache was gone. Now I'm just left with an upset tummy, an exhausted body (MOAR SLEEP!), and tendrils of a headache dancing through my noggin. And the twinging, painful frame, of course. I don't want to take more painkillers, but I may have to. If only I'd had the Comet I needed to scrub out the tub yesterday, I could take a bath now. But I kept forgetting it at the new house and only picked it up today. If only someone could or would come over and scrub my tub for me!! Alas...

I'm trying hard to be balanced, I am. I don't want to overdo it and pay an awful price, but it's hard for me to realize when I've run out of spoons, or when I'm working with diminished levels to begin with. C says that I have a lag in my energy levels, so that by the time I realize I've run out I'm already in the red. He's right, and I must learn to work with that.

My massage therapist gave me another "prescription" today. In addition to doing one thing each day that makes me happy (and makes me feel happy-- she emphasized that point!), I am to slow down on the packing, take more breaks, and make it fun. Okay. I can do that. At least she didn't forbid me to pack, like she came close to doing! I am definitely forbidden to move furniture, though... Nothing heavier than a chair. (Yeah, I totally ignored that two days ago when I was hauling boxes to the new house...)

So now I am laying on the couch, drinking coffee and tons of water and watching "Shall We Dance?" I love JLo, and I love Richard Gere, so this movie makes me happy. It makes me want to learn to dance. It makes me want to make C watch it so he'll want to dance so we can learn ballroom dancing together! :)

Yeah. It's been a rough day. But there have been bright spots, as there always are. I don't feel down, really, just physically trashed. I really just want C to get home, because I miss his face. And his presence. I love that guy...

Oh, and a major bright spot in the day? I've been getting very positive feedback on the Flip Flop Theory. J said that as she was reading it she was confused for a moment, as she thought that it might have been written by "a professional psychologist person", but when she checked she realized that it was indeed me that wrote it. So she said that I write really well, and it was well done. This pleases me. It pleases me greatly, especially since Miss J is a talented writer herself, and a fellow grammar nazi and etymology enthusiast. (Oooooh, alliteration! I love alliteration.) I am very grateful to be accoladed as a good writer, since it's a talent of mine that I'm especially proud of... and that makes me vulnerable in that area, and vulnerability is scary, scary stuff. So sharing my writing with the world? It's hard, but often quite rewarding. I guess I'll keep it up... :)

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