Foiled again!

I have been on the couch all day, so sick.

I had two goals today, and I haven't accomplished a one of them. Well, I did make the bed earlier... but I'm still in my pajamas.

I've barely eaten due to the nausea, mostly just drinking water and peppermint tea.

I slept for a while, especially because I was very dizzy and lightheaded. Kept falling over when I tried to stand or walk, and standing made the nausea ten times worse. Not to mention that when I stand up and move, my muscles start up with the burning ache from fibro, plus the shakiness and weakness that made walking difficult. The dizziness is better now, but still there, and I still feel weak. The headache has settled back in as well. I don't think that getting up and unpacking a box is a good idea right now. I'm contemplating a shower, but even that seems kinda risky at this point...

I just hate letting C down by not getting a box unpacked... and also E. I told her I'd rock this grant, and I haven't finished it yet. Granted, she never gave me a timeline, but I always feel that I should complete a project as soon as possible. (Well, I guess I am, since the rest of the time I've been moving, packing, unpacking, or very sick, soooo...)

I don't know why I even bother making plans or setting goals. Stupid chronic illnesses always interfere and ruin things. Sometimes I can power through, but other times I simply cannot. I'm so done being a Spoonie! Can I have my normal life back now?

I'm going to try to get some yogurt down... if I can make it to the kitchen. In the last twelve hours I've  had a couple of bananas, an apple, and some applesauce at various, random intervals. Oh yeah, and I had some rice chips this morning. So it's probably good if I eat something more... solid.

(I'm hoping that I don't come down super sick when I go to work tomorrow... because if I go through there what I went through here when the dizziness/weakness/head problems hit, I will not be able to get myself home. It's a twenty minute drive, and I could barely make it to my bathroom and back, so... I'm a little worried about that.)

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