A wedding!

Today is my friend's wedding day! I'm excited to go, because it's a big, fancy deal, and I've never been to a wedding like that. Her mom, E, is the one that catered my wedding, and because we've been good friends for so long she totally knows my allergies. She's making sure there will be stuff I can eat at the reception, which is terribly wonderful of her.

Honestly? I'm pretty selfish about my excitement over this wedding... because I'm looking forward to dressing up and going out with C. Is that terrible? Maybe. I don't care. I could use some cheering up right now, as I'm flaring terribly. I definitely, definitely overdid it yesterday, too. C wants to do some moving tonight, but I will not be able to assist him. I just can't. He'll have to bring over some of the guys for that... Just texted them. We'll see what the response is.

On a completely unrelated note, C has been kind enough to say that he will give me money for the haircut and dye job that I've been so desperately desiring lately! I'm going to go to the local beauty school, because it's inexpensive, and I want a choppy, textured haircut anyway (a trim of the last haircut I got)... so if they botch it a little, it really won't matter. (Plus I can always get one of the teachers to fix it for me if it's wrong.) And then I'm getting colored streaks in my hair. I still can't decide between teal and purple... Maybe I'll ask for both.

I'll call my mom and ask her opinion.

Oh, and that dark brown dye I had in my hair? Yeah, it totally faded back to my natural color within a few weeks. It wasn't a dramatic difference, anyway.

Back to the wedding... it reminds me that I still have not chronicled MY wedding day. Perhaps I'll do that this evening, while weddings are still fresh in my mind. Don't hold me to it, though. Then again, I'll have lots of time over the next few days of recuperation from this flare to write...

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