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Yesterday was a good day, mentally and health-wise. I felt really great after my acupuncture and massage session, and the rest of the day was no real exception. T, my massage therapist, opted to do some work on me that would help to alleviate depression, since I've obviously been struggling with that lately. (And, as if I didn't already struggle with depression due to genetics and my past traumas, chronic illnesses and depression go hand in hand. Thanks, medical conditions. I love you, too.) She also gave me some "prescriptions" to put into practice, as I noted yesterday. I did something that made me happy/being kind to myself and took a loooong nap in the afternoon, because my body was telling me that I needed it. This heat has got me fatigued like nobody's business, in addition to fighting off that infection.

I'm going to have to be mindful about "filling my prescriptions" today, because it's just naturally a down day for me. I think it has to do with my health. I saw my GP yesterday to talk about a couple of (new) symptoms that were troubling me, and he took them very seriously. One is a skin rash/lesions that could be indicative of further autoimmune activity, and it concerned him that not only has it persisted for a while, but it's gotten worse recently. I'll be seeing a dermatologist in the next couple of weeks to get a biopsy and see if it is, indeed, autoimmune. We both recognize the very real possibility that this could be another flag for lupus, so it's not being taken lightly.

In addition to that, I began experiencing post-coital bleeding a few days ago... except that the bleeding didn't stop after I saw my doc. It got heavier last night, and I began passing blood clots. That concerned me... I called the doctor's office this morning and reported an increase in bleeding, but they haven't called me back with any recommendations yet.

Honestly, I'm a bit frightened. The OB/GYN appointment they have me scheduled for is two weeks away, but I'm freaking out now! What's going on with me? Why am I passing blood clots?!?! Call me a hypochondriac if you will, but I don't take anything lightly when it comes to my body.

So being frightened and uncertain has put a certain, shall we say, "damper" on my day, and I'm feeling a little down.

So I guess that I have to do something to cheer myself up, eh? Something not involving money at all, since my credit card balance is uncomfortably high. (I guess that's what happens when you have no income to speak of and continue to buy things. Curse you, life necessities!!)

Fortunately, I have a massage later today by one of my favorite therapists. That will help, I'm certain. Last one of the month... *sigh*

Edit: The doctor's office called and said that, if the bleeding continues to get worse, go to the E.R. Fortunately, it abated earlier this morning, so I don't have to freak out anymore. Though I do wonder what's going on...?

And I didn't get my massage. Turns out my therapist took a last-minute trip to the East coast and forgot that we had scheduled an appointment! So next week. That's okay. I got to hang out with my grandparents for a good hour and a half instead, which was very nice.

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