The mind is willing...

Uuuuuuungh.... pain. So much pain... heating pad won't touch it, painkillers aren't hacking it. I took more. Hope that helps. Didn't sleep for very long last night. Up four hours after falling asleep cause of pain, and cause that's how fibro rolls.

Eating. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. IBS flare? Seems that way.

In other news, we both looked smokin' yesterday for that wedding.

More later, when I can function as a person again.

Update: I was never able to function as a person today. Alas. It's enough to make one go insane, really... All I can say is thank God for pain killers, indoor plumbing, and a comfortable couch. And a laptop. And the internet.

But really... I can't do another day like this. Not just physically (though I'll probably have to, knowing my body), but mentally. I'm sooooooo bored! Guh.

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