100th post

So this is my 100th post. I had kinda thought it would be more... upbeat... of an occasion. Guess not.

I still haven't come to the grips with the fact that Larry is gone. G-O-N-E. Gone.

Today was weird. It's funny, how when I'm distressed, there are certain patterns that I tend to follow... one of my comforts is window-shopping online. Another thing is that my appetite diminishes. (I'm now hovering between 130 and 135. I haven't been this light in a while. Too bad you can't see it.) And still another thing is that I somehow don't want to sleep. Either I'm not tired, or if I am, I don't want to.

Not much happening tomorrow anyway... Baker S is gonna come and teach us how to do baker's percentage. Basically, baking is a science. So, when you do it scientifically, you can ensure a perfect loaf of bread, every time. Awesome? Totally. I just hope this doesn't mean that baking bread will become an even longer process.

I'm gonna go hang out with H for a while, I think. We can comfort each other. And eat chicken. And maybe watch a movie.


Well, on the bright side, J really enjoyed his christmas present (one of our cd's).

And, on a different bright side, I was thinking about it earlier, and I guess it's a good thing Larry died. I mean, think about it. He doesn't have to fight anymore. He's at rest. How many times have I wished to be where he is now? Exactly. He's got a good thing going. I am going to miss him, though.

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